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Section 3 - Articles of Leadership
Advice and strategies for leaders or any in charge of a fleet from those who've been there.

~ 3.1 -
Be active, preferably playing daily to keep in touch with members and remain relevant to the fleet.
~ 3.2 -
Uphold and follow your own rules. Do not engage in behaviour you prefer other fleetmates not practice.
~ 3.3 -
If given a position of trust, do not abuse that trust or credibility in one's character will suffer as a result.
~ 3.4 -
If word has been given, engage action as said or explain good reason why not, to further maintain credibility.
~ 3.5 -
Do not accept bribes, engage in rulebreaking, entertain in futile and timewasting fights with players or put oneself in a position by which another player may ascertain moral high-ground.
~ 3.6 -
Remain composed in situations of drama, do not be offended by personal remarks, sarcastic behaviour or taunts, in order to think clearly for appropriate action. - Very hard to master.
~ 3.7 -
Be protective of account(s) you hold and one's game character when playing, at all times.
~ 3.8 -
If a leader wishes to leave their office, they must specifically delegate another member or members to undertake it.
~ 3.9 -
Do not be dismayed if members undervalue your service to the fleet. A true leader is one who does the dirty work, so everyone else can enjoy their time. Much of what you do are little things others take for granted. A good leader must maintain a steady course of accomplishment, regardless of popular opinion.
~ 3.10 -
Be rational yet think with heart, calm but decisive, honest to your friends and fellow members and protective of fleet's best interests.

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