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05-09-2013, 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
how exactly do I download the tribble version?
If I remember Correctly, If you have already signed up for tribble. You should just have to log in to the launcher like normal, in the server area where it usually lists "Holodeck" there should also be an option for "tribble" click that and it should start patching automatically.

Originally Posted by rikerbeard123 View Post
I always appreciate free stuff-LoR is a LOT of free stuff.

Is the reward given to each character on an account if just one character is played for one hour? I can't remember who was on there since they were wiped out in the tragic toon massacre
Based on previous Test Weekend Rewards. It is a simple account unlock not linked to your Tribble Character. You can use a transfered character, create a new character or delete the tribble character after the test weekend and it will not effect your getting/not getting the test weekend reward.