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05-09-2013, 05:22 PM
The idea behind these principles is to offer a unifying concord of ideas all fleets can aspire for and perhaps utilize for their own. It does not replace current individual rules nor is intended to hinder the development of such by new fleets. I advocate and suggest fleets develop their own unique visions for what best matches their ideals. However, the principles outlined in the Code can serve as a guide for fleets on the whole and provide a consensus within the community, which is needed when competition replaces courtesy. That is sadly becoming all too commonplace. I have seen MMO's destroyed by the lack of community respect, the very same symptoms I witness here in it's early stages. The pressure of fleets to fulfill recruitment needs and the increasing intolerance of players are directly related, as I proved in my last thread. Rivalry between fleets and players has the potential of tearing this game apart eventually, discouraging players from participating and shedding an undeservedly bad reputation for a good game. On the up side, if there is any MMO who is rational enough to pull itself together, it is a scientific one such as this, and I have confidence those with understanding can work together and come up with solutions. The ones with the most ability to preserve a friendlier community atmosphere are fleet leaders themselves, by getting together and realizing we share one game and common goals together. That is what I would like to see happen before it is too late.

PS. In my experience with adaptable forum threads like this one, it pays to have extra room for expansion, rather than end up messy later and having to create a new thread. I'd rather fill up a few more spaces now, than have to split stuff up and have it mixed up if need arises.