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Drunk, I honestly think you are being a little conservative in the hull stats. As it is right now, there is very little significant difference in the hull values between cruisers and escorts. Hell, some science ships have worse hull than escorts.

Once a facing shield goes down and you cannot turn, you pop like a balloon. I personally wouldn't mind seeing a even bigger boost to hull stats. 1 or 2 thousand here or there is basically just one more volley of rapid fire.

Overall though, I really think your ideas are great. A lot of my ships would come out of retirement with those stats, and in fact, I would buy those I don't have, as they would all have separate roles. Even without the hull tweaks I mentioned, I would still buy these, and play the ones I already have.
i purposely made the romulan ships a bit more lightly hulled, due to their battleclaok. the galaxy and odyssey have the most, with the kdf ships in between due to their normal cloak. each of them having 5k more health would proboly be appropriate, just so they have a noticeable amount more damage soak.

but, i dont want to leave the smaller cruisers to far behind. at least the fed ones still arent that great, and are basically just a -1 with no way to really use that turn rate to their advantage, other then the quality of life factor. this change, along with a change to beam arrays and single cannons so they fire like DHCs would go a long way to help them, and the fed dreadnoughts. kdf cruisers are fine though, LoR will be a golden age for them, turn consoles and EPtE will make them terrifying!

pressure is dead, it cant live under these conditions, no mater how strong it is. to much regeneration, resistance and proc heals. shields losing the built in 75% resistance to knetic would help too, throwing HY down range at any target with shields up would be closer to as dangerous as getting hit with BO, and a way all cruisers, but especially maneuverable ones, could deal better damage.

so, all beam arrays and single cannons would be 2 shots per cycle, torps would be viable on everything, and id make 1 more change too. on JUST these fed type cruisers, i would have beam arrays mounted fore fire 1 shot per cycle, with the same DPS as always. all this would be a transformative change to enhancing cruisers worth, without helping out escorts that much
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