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Just to give you a little background on where I am coming from in my point of view I started gaming on a commodore 64 with a game called artillery, intellivision, atari, etc. I've been playing online games since text based MUDs. I've seen the birth of MMOs and as a result I've been around the block a few dozen times. Having said that I'm going to explain what I think this game needs to retain end game (max level) players. I know there are many massive sweeping changes that could be done to make the game better, things to do with balance or this or that but this is not the thread for those ideas. This is just about simple to design content with lasting player rewards.

In all of the games I've played the ones which have the best success of holding end game players are those with "LC PVP" that is to say Land Control. Where by sides battle in open world for territory. This type of system can be executed in a number of ways be it holding planets in this game or Notum Towers in Anarchy-Online. This constant back and forth battle for territory is probably the single most effective "end game activity" that works to hold long term interest between pve content patches. This however requires a total overhaul of the game world so while I think it would be best I don't see it happening.

Beyond LCPVP there is the concept of side vs side PVEVP Raids. Things where by all factions fight over a PVE Raid type boss encounter and the rewards for killing it and each other. So here's a little proposal that doesn't require totally reworking the game world to fit LCPVP like the previous suggestion.

What is it? Every X time interval can be 1 hour or 6 doesn't really matter as long as it happens often enough to give everyone a chance at it a special encounter occurs. It can be much like "fleet" action where the bad guys change every so often but should be limited to "universal bad guys" like Borg, Undine, etc. Once a player or team of players queue for the battle they get to a preop situation until the time expires and should allow between 50-100 players to engage in the encounter (this could be for both ground and space and alternate between them every hour ideally.) There they will be given a simple overview of the objectives. Which could be flying from one point to another killing some groups of bad guys (sort of like a deep space encounter) then moving on to another objective (or 3,4,5,6 at once) such as protecting a group of players while they try to repair some game object. Then on to a final boss like encounter..

Where this starts to get really interesting is that while you are fighting the NPCs you have to contend with the other side trying to work their way to the center of the encounter as well. So tactically some would be about accomplishing your sides objectives others would be stopping the other faction from completing theirs. Each sub-objective that is completed could give a bonus to the rewards or some buff to the entire fleet for the final encounter.

Rewards should be participation based meaning, everyone gets some basic token for accomplishing it which can be spent on new ship skins, player outfits, pets. The final boss kill can grant special unique items such as outfits, gear, or what ever you could imagine. So everyone gets a reward for participating and the winning side gets the extra special rewards. I could get in to very descriptive detail of every last step of this type of encounter and design it myself if given the tools to do so. (You hiring? I'm a 3D artist who knows how to use game editors). But since this is just a suggestion I figured keeping it as simple and freeform as possible would be the best use of my time.

I'm one of those people.. I've grinded up everything in the game I need. Now I am wondering.. why am I still running the same few stfs over and over and wishing there was more to pvp than just a 5-10 man encounter where it's more about who has the best premade team than which side works together the best. If people show interest in this I'd be happy to give it a full play by play treatment with pretty formatting and diagrams. But for now doesn't anyone else want something like this?