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Originally Posted by oakland4life View Post
I think the Romulan players should have the ability to purchase Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 KDF or Fed Starships with their Free Ship Token.
No, there are substantial differences and the longer you wait until Warbird changes the worst the issue became since at T1 and T2 its not really a problem, T3 is when things start to matter and T4 is pretty much were you have to know how things work.

What you are saying is you can jump from a ship with certain mechanics to another with different mechanics without a problem, even "veterans" realize Warbirds are rather different that KDF and Fed ships, what you want is a noob trap because at T5 comes into play the Romulan Cloaking mechanics, lower power levels and the singularity abilities.
Romulans ...
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