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Hi Captains,

We're pleased to report that the stipend delays we reported in this thread have now been resolved! All delayed stipends have been granted, and the stipend granting process is once again automatic.

While we worked on granting delayed stipends, some players may have received duplicate grants. Here are a few important notes regarding duplicate stipends:

  • If you received one extra stipend in April, you will not be granted your May stipend. If you have already been granted your May stipend, then you will not receive your June stipend.
  • If you received two extra stipends in April, you will not be granted your May or June stipends. If you have already been granted your May stipend, then you will not receive your June or July stipends.
  • Some users may experience a delay of several days on the next stipend they receive after the skip.

Thanks again for your patience as our programmers worked on this resolution. With the above steps, all players who are eligible to receive stipends (Gold Members) will get the appropriate amount of promotional ZEN - you just might have gotten it a little earlier.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please file a billing ticket at

We'll see you in-game!

-The Cryptic Studios Team


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I've posted the updates to this and other threads that I have -- if you have not received your stipend, it is most likely because you received a duplicate (or triple) in April or May. Please re-read the OP for information.

Unfortunately, no one on the forums is able to look into your account; only the billing team can do that.

If there are any outstanding questions or concerns, please reach out to our billing team at ('Contact Us' tab, 'Billing' for the category drop down). If you are not able to reach the support site, please email directly to and put "billing" in the subject line and as many details in the message as possible. Filing a ticket is always the preferred method to contact us as you can ensure your ticket is in the right queue via the category dropdown.

Please note that tickets are answered in the order received, and as fast as possible.


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