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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
A point I'd like to make:

The best premades often times are the ones who work together the best, irregardless of anything else.

Anyways, I like your entire idea, and hope one day this is made into the game. It exists somewhat in the form of the War Zones, but that's a more simpler version of what you proposed.

Unfortunately, your idea would require them to actually DO something with PvP.
Yeah bad choice of words on that.. lol.. I shoulda said "most balanced side which works together rather than side with the most bug ships or fleet scorts". Each ship type should have some bonus in the event. It could even be that cruisers get a bonus to repairing the pve objectives or science vessels get the ability to discover some special relic in space that gives a buff. But yeah I agree it usually is the premade that works together the best. It's just that as it is it's much easier to coordinate 5 people to work together flawlessly than say 50+ who are spread out across a large area all focusing on different pve and pvp type objectives. And thanks for the thumbs up.

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