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05-09-2013, 10:17 PM
Originally Posted by loki6131 View Post
No matter how many federation starships are playing in the starbase 24 mission, there seems to be no completion on fighting the borg, I get annihilated every time I intercept a borg cube or sphere, even when 4 starships are helping, me and 2 others get wiped out, when 3 other cubes join in, soo, basically, an entire fleet of about 100 or so starships would be needed to complete this mission.
fu'what?? Captain you are ordered to return to Starfleet Academy where you will undergo a rigorous and humiliating reeducation process until we are confident that you know what the hell a Klingon looks like and want a Borg looks like. This process may even involve you being purposely assimilated by the Borg so your utter confusion will infect them and through the entire collective into a state of pure chaos. We thank you for your Sacrifice for the good of the Federation.

Sorry couldn't help it. In all seriousness are you sure you're thinking of the Starbase 24 event because there aren't any Borg there. Anyways SB 24 is easy as hell, go it guns blazing and do as much damage as you can before you die, rinse and repeat. Hell you can go in with a shuttle and still rank top 3 if you play it right.