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# 4 Return of the Mail Fail
05-10-2013, 02:25 AM
Post-wipe of all Tribble characters, when all of my Tribble mail was erased, too, I discovered that my replacement romulan character *could* actually send mail. Yay...

But my joy was brief. After sending around a dozen mails, suddenly, I discover that I can't send mail again.

Is there some sort of limitation or guard built into the new mail system that won't let you send more than x mails a day?

In addition, I am receiving double mails for every returned item from the Tribble Exchange. And the mails have weird addresses on them, like Exchange@Redshirt or Exchange@plasmatorpedo. Some are not containing items, either. As if the exchange generated the mail to return an item, then just didn't do that.

I have also repeatedly crashed while opening mail or deleting mail. Half an hour to error dump and send that report, then another 20 minutes or so to verify each time. Whee.

Is Cryptic still *working on* the new mail system? Or is it in its final incarnation before live deployment?

Because, if this garbage carries over to Holodeck, and I am not the only one who has this stuff happen, this forum will burn and I will not be the one supplying matches...