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The Reman set is basically for looks. As a previous poster stated the "extra shield cap" (3000-5500 more cap max) is negated with no resist as well as bleed-through (A single cannon/beam shot averages about 2200 dmg on good PvPers and around 3kish on Elite NPCs..theres goes the extra cap in 1 or 2 shots with no resists to save you). Best Shields in the game ATM are the Elite Fleet Adapted Resilient Space Shields. They are brutal when paired with the Borg Deflector+Engine.

Whoever stated that Plasma is useless in PvP is obviously another typical STO player with no game knowledge and/or PvP knowledge. Plasma is very good in PvP as well as PvE for many reasons:

DoTs Galore
Shield ignore
AoE Blast Effects (Torps)
Etc Etc

Plasma pre-Season 7 was indeed a laugh and if only using the regular Cannons/Beams still are. The Romulan Hyper torps in all my tests are borderline OP with 3x Purple Projectile Doffs. Not only do they proc 100% of the time and like other Plasma procs ignore shields entirely. They are also the only torp in the game that seeks other targets if target is dead. They also add in a layer of protection, especially in Elite STFs when solo attacking a cube etc. The blast+DoT effectively negate and destroy the cubes heavy plasma and other target-able projectiles.

As far as the weapons are concerned always go with the Mk XII Romulan weapons and never look back. Plasma proc + Disruptor proc. Stack as many Plasma Infuser tac consoles (Which also boost plasma proc dmg)as you can, then get the hyper torp + zero point energy universal console for 2 set bonus that also boosts plasma dmg and then fill all Sci consoles or almost all with as many Embassy Plasma Infused consoles as you can (Emitter Array ones most recommended)

Also as far as the procs go, if setup like I posted you can effectively create 4 separate plasma procs going at simultaneously (must be using high yield torpedo) The hyper torp proc, the embassy consoles proc and your weapons proc. The game separates the heavy plasma torpedoes as its own separate proc, effectively giving you up to 4 procs ticking away at the same time. Un-critted (yes procs do crit) you looking at 700-1500 dmg per sec direct hull dmg, double that if any crit. I have seen with my own eyes as well as ACT reporting in parse up to almost 3k dmg per second plasma procs combined..3k dmg per sec for 15 secs direct hull..who can pass that up?

Even in my D'Kora I end up out DPS'ing some elite escorts. I'm even more deadly in my Mobius, MVAE, Kumari and Jem Attack Ships with a stacked Plasma build and coming from Accx3 Tetryon builds and Accx2 Phased Polaron for PvP, I can say stacked Plasma is spot on and definitely worth looking at. I've always put Plasma down and laughed at people that used it (Pre-Season 7) Now its a respectable and sometimes feared energy on the battlefield I can assure you. And when you get a 15 long string of Plasma Hyper torps bearing down on your target its fun to watch them panic and run like hell

but enough boasting, back to the Original topic. the Reman set looks nice, but thats all it is..Looks. You want real performance get the Elite Fleet Adapted Shields (Resilient) and 2pcs Borg, Aegis set or at the very low end MACO set...OR if you're one of the many STO players who obviously could give 2 ****s about their builds and just want to look cool then by all means go for the Reman Set

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