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05-10-2013, 03:37 AM
Originally Posted by krilldarn View Post
I just found this thread and was wondering if there is any more input... I have been using the remen set for a while now and have kitted the ship with romulan plasma dual beams and arrays and a generous compiment of romulan torpedo launchers. I have also fitted the zero point energy conduits and the hyper plasma torpedo launcher. I should mention I have this fitted to one of the multimission science vessels with a science captain. I can keep the shield up about 90% of the time but get ripped to pieces in PVP.........
Yep, without resists and full-bleed through your going to get wasted every time. I purposely target those players that run such sets, just because they are easy fast kills.

Honestly, it dosent matter what you run in general PvE as this game is so far left field from anything remotely complex. Ive seen people run in the TOS Enterprise (Tier 1 ship) and still get things done...This is why you see so many running around in PvE with Reman/Romulan sets and why people have mediocre builds/setups. Cryptic dosent give them a need to have to better themselves to get objectives.