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Originally Posted by alcmaeonidae View Post
1) After finishing the ground portion of the mission, I beamed back to my ship to confront Hakeev's fleet. Before accepting Hakeev's communication I decided to launch some fighters. Doing this minimized the communication box. When I was ready to talk to Hakeev, I saw that there were two communications options to choose from. One was labeled "Ops", and lead to the talk with Hakeev.

The other was labeled "Hassans System Wide Hail". This option brought up Hassan's message from "Undying", which was a couple missions back. It doesn't belong in "Installation 18".

2) My character is a Fed Vice Admiral, not a Romulan. After defeating Hakeev's fleet, my human tactical officer gave me dialog clearly meant for Romulan bridge officer Tovan Khev. The dialog box mentioned finding Rinna Khev alive, that is was more than my tactical officer could have asked for, and we could take her safely back to the flotilla.

3) Franklin Drake gave me a singularity core as a mission reward. I imagine Federation (and Klingon) characters should get a warp core instead.
Beat me to it- yes I was going to mention this - the mission reward cannot be used by anybody but rommies that I could see.