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05-10-2013, 05:01 AM
Question about the boff training:

Romulan boffs and KDF boffs require their own trainers and you cannot train a KDF boff any abilities by yourself.

As such, will it be possible to trade certain boffs to other players? For example, will I be able to trade my KDF boff to a KDF player (assuming I'm allied with the KDF) so he can train it for me?

Likewise, are there any restrictions to boff trading and training between FED-Roms and KDF-Roms? For example, playing a KDF-Rom Sci I'd like my Romulan boff to use EPtS3. Will I be able to trade this boff to a FED-Rom Engi to train it for me, or do I need to look for a KDF-Rom Engi to do that?

Still, I hope we'll be able to train other faction's boffs properly and without issues. I already wonder how will I obtain Aux to SIF3 skill for a Romulan Boff if I won't get one with this skill through leveling up...