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05-10-2013, 07:47 AM
I'm new to recruiting (focusing mostly on Diplomacy) and I appear to have missed something. I'm a Vice Admiral, Federation, Alien, Female.

Recruitment assignments come in three types. First is the basic recruitment assignment, which always results in a success and awards a Junior Officer Cadre inventory item that contains 5 DOffs. These are usually white quality, but have a small chance for higher quality. These packs have a very small chance to contain ultra-rare DOffs. This assignment can be found in and around the home planet of each faction, does not require any inputs of DOffs or supplies, and has a duration of 20 hours.
If this is a DOff assignment you just pick up in the area, I've pretty thoroughly checked Sol System, Earth Spacedock, and Starfleet Academy. I do not seem to be capable of picking it up. And I can't talk to the Personnel Officer that was linked in the STO Guide. Is there someone else I am supposed to talk to for these assignments? If so, where is this person? I have tried to look for myself... but I can't find any NPCs who might hand out the assignments.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.