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I have to admit, I didn't think it would be an assignment he would relish, but for some reason, I just had the strongest impression of him having to reduce his visual impact because of Pentaxia's suns, and figured a diplomatic mission like that might have been something he was asked to do by Quinn if at some point his true origin was to become more 'public knowledge'. I certainly don't see Quinn ordering him to do it.
Especially given the history Quinn has with Alyosha--what he saw back at the Academy as a young man. To Quinn, it was pretty horrible to watch Chaxx treat Alyosha the way he did.

So while I could see some sort of private meeting with Ch'K'rr, I just can't see anything else.

To be fair to Ch'K'rr, her initial 'meeting' with Marcus did not come at the best of times for her, or under the best circumstances, but as she grew up, the lessons from her tutors would have caused her to re-evaluate her attitudes and opinion on isolationism.
I wonder how her tutors survived, especially seeing as they were actively trying to change her mindset and behavior. That's a dangerous position to be in. I find myself picturing her at that age as being something like the king from One Thousand and One Nights, in her sadism and sense of entitlement. I could easily see her sending her tutors to the death for daring to suggest anything about Her Highness should be re-evaluated or changed.

I could almost see meeting Alyosha as the final lesson. "Graduation" into her role as a responsible and mature ruler, perhaps. That's probably the only circumstances--with no one but her, Marcus, and one guard, sworn to secrecy--in which I could see the mission you have in miind occurring.

(I definitely think Marcus would have to be there--otherwise Alyosha would not fare well with such an assignment. What an irony for Ch'K'rr to see: the d'v'ash't'ya doesn't want to be alone with her any more than she wants to be alone with him.)

Totally understand where you're coming from, it would be all to easy to create a huge foundation for the Devidians, only to have Cryptic cut it out from under your writing with a future mission... I think by keeping what is revealed about Devidians to be what Alyosha knows about himself (in addition to what is revealed) that keeps it from over-stepping that boundary
And even Alyosha may not be 100% right in everything he believes he knows about himself. After all, his upbringing was so "off" for a member of his species that, in a scientific sense, the sample has been "contaminated," and greatly so.

If I had to, I could assume that my stories were taking place in a STO-like alternate universe. But hopefully that wouldn't be necessary.

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