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One look at my profile pic should tell you I've a KDF main and alt, as well as matching feds. The Code idea I've placed forward was suggested by a moderator for establishment by Cryptic themselves. I've opened the topic for us to do it OURSELVES. Responsible behavior for OUR own benefit. The benefits that fleets gain by reaching a common consensus for engaging cooperatively and not just competitively with each other far outweighs the risks, not to mention the benefit it would do to the game in terms of reputation and survivability; but I don't expect many will understand that. No one said this battle is going to be easy, but I am committed to it and will talk to Brandon about it next time I see him.
It is not obvious from the alien-gen in your profile picture that you have a KDF character at all, much less a main and an alt.

Link to a moderator suggesting that Cryptic might establish morality rules like these in the game, outside of what already exists in the Terms of Use? Citation Needed.

The benefits of Fleets being allowed to compete or cooperate, as they see fit, in an open social environment are at least equally great. Again, I'm going to cite EVE, since they're the most notable example of a game with an almost totally hands-off approach to social interaction. They've managed to create a stable, engaging game without the use of a significant scripted story by letting the players be the actors in their own story - regardless of whether it's tragedy or comedy, drama or farce.

Nice name-dropping in your last line to suggest that you have greater authority and/or input on this issue than is likely the case, as well.
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IDIC fail.