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05-10-2013, 02:29 PM
You should allow free players to be able to post to your forums as well. I have a legitamite gripe. I sent a request from Support in game about a quest I have been trying to do for 3 days now and can't seem to complete because there is no system which i have to help in the area that the quest says. I send a support ticket in throught the STO game and got a response but I can't access the response because when I go to it will not keep me logged in and when I hit login, it takes me to a page where I get a 404 error.

I am a player but I refuse to pay for anything in game unless the game is done with testing and is open to the public. I have been svrewed over many times before when I payed for something in game while it was in beta only to have them wipe the characters before opening it to the public.... even though they said they weren't going to, just like you have said.

So the game is in Beta testing and you are not allowing the free players who play to use your forums.....


What a stupid way to have a forums for..... You should not restrict access to the forum based on a player's ability to pay. But then this is run by PWI.... and we all know how they love to screw over everyone......