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05-10-2013, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by knuhteb5
hmmm, chaining the assignments and getting around 400 days does sound enticing. Once I get tired of doing tholian red alerst and the Tau Dewa patrol, I'm definitely going to check it out. One big problem with it, though, is that I'd have to cough up 3-4 mil for the biologists and research scientists. I would rather earn marks another way and just spend that 3-4 mil on my Reman once he's unlocked. What do you think?
If you ask me, let's say hypothetically I changed my mind and I want to grind new romulus... Well I would seriously invest ec in some rare blue doffs at the very least. Whatever I put in, I would quickly get it back in the form of dil by rom marks conversion. If the doffs is good and guarantees critical success, 3-4mil is a good investment imho. You might also have to buy many copies of the same doffs so that you can have multiple chains running at the same time. Epoh tagging requires a lot of commitment to get a good return though, which is something I'm not capable of (too tedious and boring for me). You will have to go everyday on New Romulus. I might be making epoh tagging sound worse than it actually is, it's not too bad as the whole thing only requires 20min of your time, possibly a lot less if you're really good at it.

Another thing, those assignments won't necessarily yield a critical result everytime, which could lengthened the chain by a day or so, especially the first couple of assignments. But once you have an eppoh to raise, you're rich.
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