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05-10-2013, 05:21 PM
Originally Posted by wolfentir View Post
Sounds like an interesting idea.

I'm working slowly towards leveling my character and I will probably have to stop playing because End game in STO consists of running dungeons. I know it's like that in most MMOs, but i can't see myself playing same scenarions over and over wiating for new missions.

They need to do something with PvP. Fleets need to battle each other for territory and stations. Why introduce them just to grind for cosmetic items?
Thanks and the reason I suggested cosmetic items is because then they wouldn't be needed by anyone as a grind. They would be totally side chained optional items. Something that is a reward for people participating beyond the event itself. Custom skins is just art assets with no stats. And tbh something the game could use a few more of in circulation for both ships and people.