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05-10-2013, 04:45 PM
Originally Posted by ralethisolur17 View Post
It seems odd that the Star Trek sub-reddit was a bit stand-offish about the uniform, but the STO sub-reddit and here have given such great welcoming. I am anxious for wednesday I am wearing this with the Science Insignia to the local Into Darkness Premiere.
Costuming can be a funny thing, which I've found brings out the best and the worst in people. Obviously everyone does it for pleasure, but some people take it very seriously, where others have a more relaxed approach. I knew a Sci-Fi costumer (won't name names) who had an incredible knack for identifying the most minute details of screen costumes, and then sourcing them for his own. Needless to say, his costumes (primarily Star Wars but also Doctor Who, Stargate etc) were fantastic creations, and not only every bit as good as the screen-used costumes, but probably better, because they were made to be worn for a considerabe period of time, rather than movie takes with 'resets' in between. However. This came across as incredibly intolerant elitism (which I know was never his intention) If anyone was to post pics of a costume which was less than accurate, he would always, not criticize, exactly, but always point out areas which were not accurate or which could be improved upon, rather than simply praising the overall effort. I believe he meant well, but it did come across as patronizing... This was the philosophy I was working to when I did my JJVerse blackshirt tutorial... I wasn't trying to create something 100% screen accurate, just something which could be almost universally achieved for very little outlay, but which would still realistically convey the intended image...

I've seen pics of US cinema goers attending in costume, so I doubt anyone will be pointing and laughing... If you're really worried, you still have time to make a blackshirt... I've worn mine several times around town with a pair of jeans, and not even got a second glance from anyone...

PS Enjoy the film