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That would make sense, although of course, sometimes officers are given assignments they would rather not perform, as Marcus found out when assigned to investigate Locutus' hardware
And I still do not agree those were ever acceptable orders--especially when they had the data from Phlox, as to what the nanoprobes were and what they could do even against an extremely strong immune system (like the Denobulan one was). Starfleet Intelligence would have, and should have, been privy to that data. (Which makes you wonder why they never warned anyone of the assimilation risk when the Borg were discovered.)

Of the admirals in STO, when you play the game, Quinn comes off as the almost grandfatherly one. Demanding, but supportive. His century's version of J.P. Hanson, perhaps. He's not like some of the other mission-givers you encounter. Others could disagree, but I got the impression of someone less likely to gve those sorts of orders, and more likely to take the philosophy of trying to grow officers in a more constructive/positive manner. (Even in wartime, not everyone can be on the front lines. Someone still has to train and develop the officer corps.)

I think, that this meeting may indeed be the stumbling block I'd reached in my Doctor Who novel, as not knowing what happened next. I think that rather than it being a final lesson from her tutors, Marcus may have suggested Ch'K'rr meet Alyosha (there was a period where she was aboard the Endeavour during the mission) as a way of reinforcing Federation diversity to her...
Doctor Who? Is this a crossover?

If I am understanding you correctly, it would be interesting to see how it played out. I'll have another question for you in the next PM I send you...

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