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I attempted to publish a 4 map foundry mission with one objective per map however it seems to not want to publish. I have tried a couple of times without success to get it to publish. 300 minutes is the longest it's been attempting to publish ( I know this from the error message mail I receive.) Furthermore 50% is the most I have seen % reach in completion. Is there a 2 map limit?

I am having some trouble keeping the game running that long without my internet failing or the game logging me off as it tries every 30 minutes while publishing is there something I have done to make it take so long to publish?

One of my other project which was only one map took about 15-22 minutes to publish each time I revised that one it took a little longer to publish.

Also does the foundry attempt to publish my mission even after I log or do I need to stay on the publishing screen till it completes?

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