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I cannot read the phrase "head canon" without thinking about Gunther Hermann's sadly unfulfilled lifelong dream.

Otherwise, I will simply say that the idea of a bunch of anime characters (some of which I like in the context of their own shows) running around in Trek is not one I find terribly exciting. Sober, serious-minded Trek seems a poor match for the screaming, juvenile sensibilities of most anime.
In response, I present to you this gem of the Internet mid - late 90's.

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That could get weird considering I've been naming my ships after them. >.<
I saw you in that thread and loved it as at the time I had a Cruiser I named USS Raising Heart.

Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
If these ideas can be confined to a single mission on the fleet starbase holodeck, that would be cool.

Perhaps something else could be done with this idea: Have a fan convention within Star Trek Online. Open up Utopia Planetia, have multiple contests running with prizes offered by the Devs, prominent fleets, rich kids, etc., and have this awesome 3-day social event running where people can dress up their character as members of other shows, anime, etc.
First...this would actually follow the group from Vega Colony throughout to the current season.

Otherwise I love the other idea. ^_^ Anime Con in STO!

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I.... I.... I honestly don't know what to think.
It's okay. ^_^ I expected this reaction.
"The Multiverse, the ultimate frontier..."
Thus begins...Lyrical Trek

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