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05-10-2013, 07:21 PM
This looks good in the Rommie Fleet and other areas that were created with these textures in mind.

However, for all previous textures its a downgrade. The sharpen filter couldn't compensate what the "crunch" compression algorhythm did to the textures. It's like saving a JPG once more at 75-85% quality, this does never make things look better.

To quote the OP:

"It looks to me that they just used a sharpen filter and then recompressed the textures. In some cases the compression is worse than before. It makes the environment look overly sharpened and in some ways is hard to look at."

This works out for some textures and in a few cases it might look better, but most console textures and similar things got affected quite negatively. <- from the thread above
This is the worst example, thankfully it's not nearly as dramatic most of the time.

Perfect World Entertainment was eager to save bandwidth and I commend the effort to save as much perceived textured quality as possible. But selling this as "improvement" is quite off.