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05-11-2013, 01:34 AM
KDF Cardassian Content:

I appologize ahead of time if I offend anyone with what I'm about to say.

But with regards to the Cardassian Storylines, it has to be THE LAZIEST thing that I have EVER seen a DEV team do in any MMO. It took you THREE years to decide to have KDF players play already existing Federation content?

And to make it KDF, you just edited words around? REALLY?

I mean you could've put a KDF twist to these storys than just copy and pasted. For instance with the Kuvahmagh mission (Regulus), you could've had it we tell the story before the Federation mission. But now, you had to copy and paste. You should be ashamed.

You would've been better off asking the Foundry authors to create the content and getting CBS to sign off on it. That or you say "hey, we will be only giving our half the content and working on stuff later this year". But this? /facepalm

Shame Cryptic, shame.

EDIT: Link - Shark in the Water Accolade - you mispelled Warriors.

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