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# 497 Legacy Pack Purchase Options
05-11-2013, 10:12 AM
After debating whether or not to purchase the Rommie content, today I finally decided to purchase the Legacy Pack, when lo and behold, I could not find an option to pay with a Credit Card.

I had issues in the past with PayPal and I refused to use their services, I do not know what Skrill is, so I won't venture there. Is PayPal and Skrill the only way to pre-purchase the Legacy Pack?

I use Steam for most of my CStore transaction etc... tried looking up a prepurchase for the Legacy Pack on steam, but it is not offered.

So basically purchasing the Legacy Pack via a Credit Card transaction is not possible without the use of a third party company like PayPal.

Will there be an option to purchase these packs via Steam in the future? What will be the solution for folks who do not like using third party companies like PayPal and Skrill?