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05-11-2013, 09:31 AM
Ok, first short-term. Please to not change anything. I like the game as it is.
Second. Ad more colors on ship customization options. (Yellow is missing, like Terran yellow not gold) Or add Mirror template in the same options screen. Like when you edit Mirror ship.
Third. Make old ships tradable or sellable. But not in the Exchange. Better through some specialized dialer.

Now first mid-term. Make more Explore Strange New Worlds missions where you survey the solar systems and contact new species.
Second. Add Warp Drive Testing Detected option like the Red Alert one. And then you respond to that hail and make FIRST CONTACT with a new species.
Third. Give us ability to get cloaking devices by trade with other players or by C-Store or Dilithium purchases.

Long-term now. First make all Mirror ships cloak ready. So that we can use them like the Terrans would. Important thing is that Mirror ships lack cloak console spot.
Second. Enable Distress Call on ships so that players can join you in fight if there is to much to handle.
Third. Enable generic talk with your Bridge officers while you are on the bridge.
I would really like that.

That's it. Sorry if something is not ok but hey, we are all Trekkies.