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Originally Posted by lan451 View Post
So now that all the arguing over words is finished, anyone out there have an answer for my previous question featured above? I'd still like to know what other games out there use this player run silencing feature.
Sorry missed your original.

The biggest game out there. WoW for one has this sytem in place. However there is no one who has figured out exactly how many are needed to trigger it. Also when instigated the person who has been silenced has their account reviewed pretty quickly to see if the silence is deserved or not. If it is it is left to run it's course, if it is not it is removed.

You can report people you think are organising enough people to grief silence people. This is investigated and the people themselves are punished. If they are on their last warning this means a full account ban, as breaking even a minor rule on final warning is at the risk of such a ban.

This is only from what was said in the newbie channel but Eve apparently has it. As the newbie channel gets a lot of ISK spammers because it is open to trials, it may have just been said to encourage people to report.

LotRO, again only applies to report spam. Though that may have changed since I played it when it was a subscription game. Again I can only go by what is said as I have never been the victim of it, just like here I can only go by what is said.

The point I was trying to make is that you will add someone for what you subjectively percieve as a big no no but will not entertain the idea that you may be required to communicate with said person later. This is not possible if you leave them on ignore and the game has a habit of teaming you with people on your ignore list and vice versa.
I understand your point, however it is my choice to do this like it is your choice not to. My point was that the ignore is a personal matter and should not instigate an account silence no matter how many people do it. Which is what this thread is about, the validity or otherwise of an ignore system where the game doesn't even use it for queues is a whole different topic.

Edit: For some reason the system filters the third word in that games title so using the accronym instead.