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05-11-2013, 12:41 PM
I sell Doffs on my alts. But I sell sci doffs for 10k during the weekdays and 20k on weekends with no problems. anyone selling for less than 10k is undercuting the market. and by undercuting the market you will be driving down your own profits in the long term.

Everyday at 6 pm pacific time i do a farm foundry mish on 2 lvl 50 alts plus my main and make around 1 million ec per alt and more if i get purple drops. so easy 3 mil there. then i use my third alt kdf doing the same but once he reaches lvl 40 i transfer everything i can to my main and reroll him. he makes an easy 2 million ec in the same foundry farming from the exchange because prices for comander and captain gear is higher than rear admiral lower for the more common trash drops and even greens and some whites are worth selling. So everyday i can make 5 million total in about an hour.

So Doffs an easy 1 mil per toon on 4 toons and then 5 mill from the foundry run and I make about 10 mill per day spread to all my toons with the extra drops from doing actual play to make up the last mill. So if I could just stop buying stuff I dont really need I could have 100 million every ten days.