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# 418 Customer Service Please!
05-11-2013, 01:19 PM
It's all about CUSTOMER Service!

"I want to speak to your Supervisor!"
"I want to speak to your Supervisor!"
"I want to speak to your Supervisor!"
I just did that because at a very well known company - when you called Customer Service the 'customer' had to either say: "Supervisor" or ask to speak to them 3 times before I was allowed to transfer them. <G>

DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online)/Turbine Started the Free To Play Model way back when. When they went down - they gave us subscribers some 'store items' and such. They seldom when down when I played. The only reason I am not playing does not have to do with the game itself, but the people within the game. Anyway - it's all about Customer Service. You gotta keep your customers happy! And that's what DDO/Turbine did by giving us those 'store items' and such There wasn't much - if any - negative 'feedback' from the customer base when the servers when down, not like here. Here we see threads running towards 500 comments well within a half an hour. That in itself should speak volumes to 'the powers that be.'

Here customers are getting upset and they 'want' and/or 'need' to vent their frustrations. Having the Mod come in and wipe/move/close threads is not a good thing because it just makes those whom are angry even more so. Resulting in 'your customers' getting fed up and now - starting to think of taking their business to some other company other than 'yours' - which means lost revenue/money and possibly a 'bad reputation.'
If there's that much 'negative feedback' - then there's something wrong with 'the way the business' is doing something. From a Customer Service Point of View that has to be fixed! From a "Companies Survival" point of view it has to be fixed!!! "You" as a company can't have this much negativity going on. Apply that 'negativity' to the customer base... And then divide that by 1/2. Then you got that many people "complaining" about 'your company.' I can go one more and more but hopefully "SOMEONE" gets the idea. The solution to this 'problem' has to become a priority. Here - 'you' may have to spend the big bucks and 'fix' what ever is causing all this down time that results with all of these posts. Don't forget about 'the future' either. If you're going to keep "Star Trek" and make it grow into possibly the biggest and longest standing MMO's the world has ever seen, then yes... You have to spend the bucks to resolve these issues. "You" have to show the customers that 'you care' enough to resolve these issues, and say so. If your up front and honest, that in itself gives you some 'clout' with "YOUR" customers.
The free stuff to subscribers thing is not happening here. I also seem to think that DDO/Turbine also 'extended' any subscriptions... Wife says they did but I don't actually remember it since it didn't happen very often. Anyway I think it may not happen here because those within 'sales' thinking it may hurt their sales... Donno actually <G>
Sure - giving out free stuff for down time does cost 'the company' some, but it helps sooth and satisfy the customer. What did I say? "It's all about Customer Service!"

"A Name" like "Star Trek" can only do so much, but then when a business gets a "Bad Reputation" then you really have to start 'spending money' in hopes of over coming that very negative thing. Many companies don't survive the Bad Rep thing. And therefore the 'good companies' try to avoid it at all costs.

I know about Customer Service, I've been in it for 35 years <G>