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05-11-2013, 01:57 PM
use the exchange, trade with mk xi and mk xii very rare weapons, always there are a lot of player who sell his weapons for bargain cost, you buy everything what are under the price and sell for normal price. i have made more than billion EC with this, i dont know, i have about 7-800 million now, but i spent a lot of.

you can go for starbase 24, gorn minefield, federation minefield - be the first and sell the good mk xi very rare consoles you get.

romulans will coming soon... that means almost everybody will starting a romulan character... that means almost everybody will purchasing plasma weapons, consoles for his new character from level 1 until level 50. if you would like to earn a little, purchase the plasma weapons and consoles now from exchange, and sell them much more expensiver after 21 of may.