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Originally Posted by kain9prime View Post
An anime-styled Trek series = yes, I'm on board with that.

Random anime characters appearing in the Trek universe (especially Sailor Moon type "stuff") for the sake of having a random anime character orgy in the Trek universe = Hell no. WTF?

LOL, there is a Trek manga.

Also, as I noted in my response it has been done well before. Second, there is another series that is a character orgy; especially in the 3rd Entry which could have it's climax chapters entitled (and quoted from the fanfic itself) "Super Robot Wars: Spaceship Edition" as nearly EVERYONE shows up to defend the Multiverse from General Thrawn's experiment in Interdimensional Engines gone horribly awry.

EDIT: Also aware that there is a server outage somewhat so let's consider this time to get more feedback! ^_^
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