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Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
on the contrary. I believe much thought went into it. I think the devs were really thinking how they could make it hard, without pointing at the obvious design flaws, that most enemy ships have one or two OP powers (they are still way too easy to defeat, dont get me wrong). when they realized that the AI cant be made stronger to give a harder challange, they just gave up, and put thos OP powered ships, that are alone easily defeatable into huge groups (even then they are just only an annoyance because of their given on or two OP powers that cannot be countered many times), and giving a boss that has all of those powers all in one.
Well, having 3 or 4 team mates above 5 k - how many have you had in the last month? I can count mine on the finger of my right hand....and I'll still have a finger or two left to poke the eyes of a "I know it all" person, that I meet too often for my liking
Seriously - me and 4 fleet mates - I'm in, but puging HOSE is out of the question, because I know I'll be facing 4 cubes by myself at a time and the rest of the team will be goofing around and dying.
And that's the reason why we (well, you got me into parsing my logs) aim to make our ships stronger - to compensate for the incompetent...but it surely has its limits. ISE, KASE, CSE - they can be carried - HOSE can't, because it needs at least two people to carry (c.a. 10k DPS and above). And that's IMO the reason why there are so many failed instances.

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