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Well, having 3 or 4 team mates above 5 k - how many have you had in the last month? I can count mine on the finger of my right hand....and I'll still have a finger or two left to poke the eyes of a "I know it all" person, that I meet too often for my liking
Seriously - me and 4 fleet mates - I'm in, but puging HOSE is out of the question, because I know I'll be facing 4 cubes by myself at a time and the rest of the team will be goofing around and dying.
And that's the reason why we (well, you got me into parsing my logs) aim to make our ships stronger - to compensate for the incompetent...but it surely has its limits. ISE, KASE, CSE - they can be carried - HOSE can't, because it needs at least two people to carry (c.a. 10k DPS and above). And that's IMO the reason why there are so many failed instances.
I understand why people are saying it is hard, but I dont find it a valid reason. HOSE was obviously put in the game for those who whine how easy STFs are, so those who have trouble with killing probes (most pugs), should not really complain about a hard stf being hard. on that note, it is not hard for those, who thought STFs were easy to start with, only requires a bit more critical thinking, and maybe takes a bit more time.

and the fact that many people say that with a group of 5k dps people you can easily beat HOSE, kind of outlines my point. 5k is the low end of the spectrum, lol. I easily double that in a non-dps class, with a non-dps ship, and I am not even a good player. so basically this kinda proves, how easy HOSE is.

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WHINE: STO is down, so is Neverwinter. Doh...
so is everything else tho I am not doin much til LoR, so I dont mind
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