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05-11-2013, 07:23 PM
All 3 standing records have been broken today immediately after the 2nd server crash:

ISE with 12:38 on the optional, beating the old record by 4 seconds.

KASE with 12:54 on the optional, again beating the old record by 4 seconds. However, Donatra decided to troll us hard and overall, the fight against her takes longer than the entire run before her.

CSE: WHOOPING WORLD FIRST! ESTF with over 13 minutes left on the clock, setting the bar at an incredible 13:20 remaining!
STO Voice Control Tutorial Video: WATCH
ELITE STF SPEED RECORDS (time on optional remaining):
S07: KASE: 12:54 | CSE: 13:20 | ISE: 12:38 All held personally, my POV
LOR: KASE: 13:19 | CSE: 13:47 | ISE: 13:34 None held personally, other player's POV
S08: coming soon

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