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Originally Posted by sanokskyrat View Post
Gecko and a few of the other talk about this in like every interview at the moment. Tal Shair are not bad, not evil THERE VERY VERY VERY BAD AND EVIL!

it comes down too that most people don't want to play VERY EVIL and BAD toons, I know you want too, but i mean in general, and the numbers prove this, (they talk about the numbers in City of Hero's vs. City of Villains, and KDF vs. Fed etc.)

Also the other reason is the story. They want the Tal Shair to be the bad guys... they're working with the Iconians and there up too a lot of bad stuff.

SWTOR proves you wrong, considering that the Sith Empire has more players than the Republic. And its not as if the Sith Empire is just a misunderstood empire that actually wants a social healthcare system for its citizens and desires to live in harmony with its galactic neighbors. Instead, you get to do quite horrific acts as a player: unleash biological weapons that leave the victims writhing in agony for weeks before they die, execute unarmed prisoners who plead for their lives by electrocuting them, torture a husband to get info from his wife, then when she gives it kill him but let her live so she remembers...etc..etc..And the vast majority of the Sith Empire players do these things and are max dark side.

Storywise I can understand why we don't join forces with the Tal Shiar, but they could have made the option to join Sela (and have Sela break with Hakeev's Tal Shiar or something similar). But then they would have had to create a true third faction with all the extra work that brings. This was the easy way out for them, and admittedly if it is either this or no Romulan faction at all I'm glad they did.