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There's also the Vo'quv, which has 6 science BOFF stations, two lieutenant commander slots, and can spit out pets besides. Or a BoP set with commander sci, ltcmdr tac, lt eng, lt sci, which can do all the science stuff with vastly superior mobility (for those forward-arc powers) and carry enough firepower to exploit those powers on its own.

My Fed sci is jealous of my KDF sci.
The Vo'Quv is certainly capable of the heavy Science role, but the terrible turn rate is a serious issue. Lots of sci abilities are forward arc focused. The Vo'Quv has the stations and consoles to do it, and the staying power to always be in the middle of a fight, but with a shifting fight, it's very limited in what sci abilities it can apply. This counts also to any of the other full-fledged carriers the KDF can use, lockbox ships or not.

Then you have the Hybrids, namely the Fleet Kamerang and Fleet Corsair. The Kamerang is an interesting balance, but gives up more sci for TAC capability, as well as only having 3 SCI consoles. The Corsair should be quite capable in a sturdy sci ship role. On paper, it looks quite suited for that job, on top of having a single hangar bay.

The Fleet Veranus is pure science. The ENG & TAC stations are minimal, but it's the best, all-in on science ship that the KDF has.

A sci ship along the lines of the Nova would be a very interesting addition.