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Originally Posted by drake122svk View Post
A quick question, how many points of Insulators, Sensors and Dampeners, Hull Plating/Armor Reinforcements are worth taking for an escort ship nowadays for the best effect?
my personal recommendations on EVERYTHING would be

9 to insulators
6 to threat control
6 to energy armor
and not bothering with sensors, dampners, subsystem repair, or kinetic armor (threat control buffs energy and kinetic armor, that will give you enough)

i just dont see a rate of return with any of those skills even close to being worth any points in them. dampeners doesn't seem to effect TB hold, just lets you not get pushed by tbr. if tbr is tac buffed, or from a crazy npc, you want to get away from it anyway. stuns dont tend to last long enough even at 0 ID to be all that deadly. if your crews dead every point in subsystem repair seems to do nothing, and everything kills crew. sensors can buff a few skills, and stealth detection, but as a counter to sensor disrupting attacks, well they arent dangerous enough to you to warent points in them over something else.

Originally Posted by havam View Post

DeDe you are boy
make a big noise heavy torpin in the queues
gonna fly a big bird one day
you got mud on your face
you big disgrace, kickin the devs all over the place

|: we want wE waNT WARBIRDS :|

ya, i got a feeling the ships have received their final pass. chater about changing them has died down, except people that want the mogai to be another breen ship.

i can give good reasons to buff the d'deridex turn rate and say them 100 times, but they are to stubborn to break from their head canon about that ship and other cruisers to improve cruiser turn rates. even if it would get them more sales, and be harmless to balance. because those slow turners are so underpowered right now they are near hopeless, vast upgrades would be required for them to break even at this point.

well, got a little side tracked there. my plans for romulan ship builds coming soon

*spoiler* hope you like tech doffs, cause every one of those warbirds can use them...
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