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05-11-2013, 11:56 PM
USMC47, first the game has been out since 2010. Second, BranFlakes stated that the restriction is in place to stop spam bots. If they removed that, spam bots would be in here spamming anything and everything from hand soap, viagra, to gold selling spammers.

Second, Cryptic has no control over the customer support, PWE is running that, that is why you wait 3 days + to get into contact with support. Support for the game is autrocious.

This game is not in beta, ask people in the game in /zone to help you out, they are by far more knowledgeable than the GM's in this game apparently, and way more helpful than the support PWE provides.

Cryptic itself cannot control the PWE login, that's all ran by PWE. Don't blame the game company because of the distribution companies apparent lack of any kind of support to the games they distribute. PWE is a Chinese based company, while Cryptic is an American based company.
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