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05-12-2013, 12:54 AM
More gameplay, more notes.

Observations: Second BOFF doesn't have a lot of spoken dialogue here, which is disappointing. Otherwise no changes in option from closed beta.

Issues/Bugs: Nothing new.

Observations: I sort of liked the hilly terrain from closed beta, but understand why it was changed. Veril's new look is more in-line with other Remans. I don't really think she looks any uglier than her previous look (she was pretty hard on the eyes to start with); just a different kind of ugly. The rejigged space battle is a little easier but will still pop newbies at least once. Better from a beginners perspective but I found the old one pretty fun.

Issues/Bugs: Veril's looks switch between her old form and her new one frequently in dialogue, but that's already been established.

The "walker" that were bombarding the colony in the distance don't stand at their full height or in their correct position, which they did in the closed beta. So plasma beams are firing randomly everywhere in the air as a result.