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05-12-2013, 01:08 AM
At the very absolutely smallest minimum, torps and mines shouldn't be disabling/killing 10-20% of a ship's crew, especially when it is fired from the world's weakest, puniest, level 1 NPC Miranda or Bird of Prey against the biggest, baddest, toughest level 50 cruiser or carrier with every bit of hull and shield resist that can be mustered.

It's a bit ridiculous. Be in PvE or PvP. At the absolute least, they need to change the 10% and 20% to just 1% and 2% for kill or disable. That alone would go a long way to making it a lot less ridiculous in just how much crew can be lost.

On top of that, Theta radiation should have it's amount of crew death be lowered significantly. It's rather ridiculous how fast it can wipe out an entire crew.

Then actual crew recovery, should be possibly sped up, possibly. With the major reduction of crew loss, then it might not be so bad even if you do gain back crew slowly. If it was considered an issue still, then maybe buff up Biofunction Monitors.

And the Nurse DOFF is nice, but it's only a bandaid fix, and it takes up a more useful DOFF slot.

Once all that is done, then I feel that crew can be altered in other ways to be worthwhile.