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Originally Posted by agentexeider View Post
compaired to the Obsidian order though they are teddy bears, let me put it this way, Tal shiar, Section 31, I think I could take.

But if the Obsidian Order was coming after me, I think I would just eat a phaser.
Humorously enough, if you ally with the Federation, you end up working for section 31...but never the Tal'Shiar. Heck, when 'undercover' for the Tal Shiar I must have killed hundreds of Tal Shiar agents, but can't think of any incidents where I had the option of actually following my Tal Shiar orders to the letter. heaven forbid the player have to do something they might find morally squeemish, I guess.

Personally I would havew rather had a 'monster play' option for the RSE/Tal Shiar, at least then the spirit of things would remain intact. Now we have what is essentially 'Fed lite', except I recall having at least oen mission (the return) where the palyer has the option of actually helping the RSE, imagine that. Instead, what we have in LOR is Cryptic constantly banging us about the head over how good and noble the Romulan Republic is and how evil and twisted the RSE/Tal Shiar is (and it might as well just be the tal Shiar, considering how determined Cryptic seems to be to retcon out all evidence of non-Tal Shiar Romulan military forces) This was painfully evident when you had to decode the Tal Shiar files which basically painted D'tan as an angel who never did anything wrong. I'm happy I got my 1 hour in on tribble, because I don't see myself playing LoR much, if at all, in the future.