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05-12-2013, 05:03 AM
The update looks great and seems to have fewer glitches then the original release Federation missions. I have only noticed 2 small things that I have not seen comments about.

1. Mission: Home Sweet Home
The river water seemed to cause multiple graphical/audio errors. Splashing graphics and sounds when not in the water. Splashing graphics around ankles when on dry land along side of river. In knee deep water, just before observing the nanov, the entire screen would change to an underwater appearance. The water at knee depth was still visible on the toons and camera direction did not effect it. The change was constant for a small area and would revert back to normal when moving out of the area.

2. When customizing appearance of the 2nd ship a player gets there seems to be a shadow of something overlapping the top of the ship in the customization window. It looks like a texture graphic of some sort but is not connected to the ship i.e. it does not rotate x/y/z with the ship. I selected none for the hull decorations and tried the different hull materials with no effect on the shadow.