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05-12-2013, 06:02 AM
I enjoyed using the new UI to fashion a uniform for my toon. The visual displays of items, such as hairstyles, is nice. The Rommie UI looks and feels Rihannsu. The color palette needs some more work. Difficult to match colors for various parts of the uniform. I suggest simply copy/pasting the Fed color palettes to the other two. The diversity of the KDF colors has always been lacking and it appears so far the Romulans will be as limited to a different part of the spectrum.

I want the capability of walking around Qo'Nos and Mol'Rihan in some of the eye-hurting shades and styles I've seen on ESD. If Starfleet can have people outfitted in Easter Egg pastels which clash badly with each other, the KDF and the Rommies should be awarded similar abilities.