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05-12-2013, 08:30 AM
Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Well, I tried the first missions on the test server yesterday and found them very enjoyable.
In the tutorial, you start out as second officer on a Bird of Prey and discover the hard way that your captain has sold out to the Federation so they can ambush your ship and get one of their best agents back.
You've certainly heard of him...and now you can actually hear him.
Along with Drake, all the characters have voiceovers just like in the recent FE missions.

After the first officer fails to relieve the captain of his command since she ends up with his knife in her torso, that duty falls on you.
Thus you gain your new command.
Afterwards you effect repairs and get rid of the enemy ships that have invaded Klingon space to get the agent back.
Then you send him to the prison in the first city.
It's located in the building the judge sits in front of.
You'll notice that a lot in the next few missions in the First City: you'll enter rooms previously unseen.
Like the Prison, the rooms behind the exchange (yes that door leads somewhere) and an enemy safehouse with lots of agents that have infiltrated the heart of the Klingon Empire!

It's a lot of fun and IMO youl shouldn't miss any of it.
Sounds very cool! A shame that Drake has to inevitable escape for continuity purposes, though.

Wonder what some of the funny stuff is like. Klingon-style funny I hope. Headbutting antics, drunk singing?