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05-12-2013, 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by jayleia1 View Post
They should matter, especially against boarding actions of any type (shuttle or borg transporter)

A Kumari should, even if they activate Tac Team before the boarders arrive, suffer some problems. Even when prepared for trouble, there's not enough people to be

An Atrox, barring something insane like a dozen Spheres in an Infected Elite all deciding to send visitors over at once...shouldn't need to use Tac Team at all.
You forget, though, or clearly haven't ever watched Star Trek; repelling hostile boarders seems to be a lost art in the 25th century. Every time a ship/station/facility is invaded/boarded by enemies, they waltz right into the bridge, if not beam directly there, and say "Mine!" virtually uncontested.