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# 196 character generator
05-12-2013, 09:14 AM
Actually, I have some problem with the character generator program. 1. its good, that we have the option to see the different hair-styles and face-styles in the beginning, but sometimes it could be disturbingly much, so it would be more practical, if it would be an otional window, like the chat-window during the game. So you could close this function, when you dont need it, and open it, when you want to use it. 2., Sometimes, if you want to change the uniform styles from uniform/ off duty, the character generator starts the whole process anew from basic features, this mean, that even the face of the character is dissapears. I think, its a disturbing feature, I mean, I need the same face off duty as in duty, only the clothes are different, so to create the face anew is a problematic process.