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05-12-2013, 09:54 AM
Originally Posted by l4huz3r View Post
When I select a character to get transfered I can only pick the Redshirt server. No Tribble in the drop down menu for me. Also, I can't find any other servers to pick in the launcher. Said it should be visible in the bottom, but there ain't nothing there for me at least... So where is it in the launcher?
Transfering characters is currently disabled on Tribble. You can't transfer a character over there right now.

As for logging on. Assuming you have signed up for Tribble access correctly (I am sorry, but it has been so long since I had to do that I can't help you with that) to the immediate right of the area that says "Live (Holodeck) there should be a button that said something like "Test (Tribble)". If you click that, it should start patching.

Originally Posted by trekgate0 View Post
Okay, i think i've got it all sorted out for accessing Tribble. Just not happy its taking so long to get my account and my computer set up for it and the server is gonna be out of commission soon for 1hr+.

Hopefully i can get in and get somewhere with it as i haven't been able to yet and monday is back to work. i got up at quarter to 6 to play and couldn't. i'll try to keep positive.

Will both Holodeck and Tribble be down or is 1 still going to be available?
Yeah, if you haven't run Tribble ever, it is a pretty big download. best advice I can give is let it run for a while. not sure how long it will be, again it has been a while since I had to do tribble from scratch.

Originally Posted by bobogheim View Post
Hi Brandon!

I am right now in Dusseldorf and have visit FED con 22 and I got the Holo Leel a.

I am wondering about th? open beta to play 1 hour as an Romulan or KDF on th? tribble server.

Are you going to have another Open beta access again before 21st May?

I realize I am not Brandon. but Open Beta is open for the duration. Not just this weekend. Technically, it would even be after May 21st, but as everything will be on Holodeck by then, there is little point in running LoR content on Tribble.

The Test weekend is only for the reward. If you have played tribble for at least 1 hour before 10am PDT (there is about 25 hours left from the time of this post) on Monday, you will have qualified.