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# 2140 Bad team. Baaaddddd.
05-12-2013, 10:00 AM
I'm just going to post this one because I'm bored. Its nothing out of the ordinary.

There I was....

CSN pug.

Said 'HI' as usual.

No responce, imagine that....

I flew right and started on the cube, killed the two BOPSs.

Two people died.

Three of the other four had damages.

Killed 4 of the nodes, looked back and the Kang was surrounded.

Two people at the center cube.

Flew to the Kang and rescued it and sent a heal.

Asked if anyone had done a CSN before, no answer.

Flew back and killed my cube.

Flew past cube two and killed the spawn.

I now saw that all 4 ships were pounding on the nodes, two nodes were dead, three ships had Rainbow/Technicolor beams, one had Skittles plus Rainbow/Technicolor beams.

I flew on to cube three and killed some spawn.

Saw two people die again.

Started on the nodes and finished them off quick.

Killed some more spawn.

Killed cube three.

Flew back to cube two and killed the remaining node and the cube.

All four of the other ships were following a raptor back to the Kang.

Saw someone die.

I hailed the Kang and went back to kill the Raptor for them.

I checked their accolade, all under 2000.

I asked again if anyone had done a CSN before, No responce again.

Killed the carrier and grabbed my loot.

Said, 'No GGs here, bad team, baaaddddd....'

No responce....